Thursday, May 3, 2007


Day -6    毎日の新しい文字:自動販売機 

At this moment, we (as Steveie and Lolita) are struggling to get everything ready, and yes, Yang sensei, that includes the presentation that is due tomorrow. (2% done..)

God, nothing is done. We just realized that the yen we exchanged is not enough, so in order to not to starve to death in Japan we will have to head downtown again. (God, hope they have yen in their little secret safe somewhere). and LUIS if you are still traveling with us get your butt here 下さい, so we can discuss and come up with a travel plan.


We are very excited to go to japan. Unfortunely, there are so much to do. Oh. My. God. It isn't funny.

Current Status:

JR tickets: UNBOUGHT
Japanese: 90% FORGOTTEN

If we are going to Japan like this, yeah, this will be a very interesting trip. But,at least we have our walking (literally) life saver, Mr. Yang Sensei. Orz

Right now, at this moment, Steve is trying to do a report and I am trying to draw a vending machine that looks like a TV for our project homepage.

Anyways, I better go back to my TV-like vending machine and stop writing this blog which I tried to create three times. (That is what you get for having multiple gmail accounts)


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Conzieee said...

("\(^,..,^)/") haveeeeee funnnnn =)