Saturday, May 12, 2007


Phrase for the Day: 旅愁しに取りたい
Today was rather exciting. We went to Shinjuku as a group with Yang sensei.We started off going to Bigu Kamura where sensei had to translate everything for us, poor sensei had to herd a bunch of wandering sheep who were easily distracted by pretty things and succumbed to yummy-looking food. After a visit to the "Tall Building" where Fuji-sama was too shy to show his face, the group split and many of us went our seperate ways; this happened througuout the day. Those of us who made to TetsuSushi with Yang enjoyed a very delicious yet affordable meal. Once that was over, our group split again and we wandered off to find some neat toys from vending machines...poor Mike never did get his fabled "Mein Bao." Continuing on, our group walked a bit more and again split when some of us decided to go shopping. The few of us that stayed ran into Sensei who invited us to a baseball game. It was a long 3 hours of standing but it was worth it; it was something new and fun for a first time experience. The balloon release during the seventh inning was the best part. After the game and a full day's worth of being on foot, we're back at the Kenshukan now and so tired we're barely concious. Now it's bedtime for we have to be up, ready and at the train station again at 10 for Harujiki. Good night!

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